Meet Our Team

Heather Biddick was named Manager of the Bay Harbor Equestrian Center in July of 2014.  She has a long history of experience with horses and is passionate about their care and the tasks necessary to provide for the horses well-being and the physical needs of each of our boarders and the extensive facilities. 

She brings experience as a stable hand with the Equestrian Center for 5 years, as well as an Assistant Trainer with Mirada Ranch for 3 years prior to that. In these roles, she worked in all aspects of the facilities including office management, medication administration for the horses as well as training and conditioning on a daily basis.  Heather is excited to bring new boarders to the facility, as well as introduce great clinics and events in the future.

You can contact Heather by calling 231.439.7100 or email at
Amy has been hooked on riding since she was 6 years old. Her riding career began at a Military Riding School in Caracas, Venezuela in show jumping. Later she became interested in barrel racing and tried her hand in a few junior rodeos. Once she discovered natural horsemanship and dressage, it seemed that her eyes were opened for the first time and the journey into horsemanship had begun. She began working at Bay Harbor Equestrian Center in the fall of 2011, and since then she has had the opportunity to learn from and ride with Buster McLaury, Theresa Doherty, Maryal Barnett and Buck Brannaman. She also spent six weeks interning under Sherry Jarvis in Burwell, Nebraska. Better horsemanship is her goal on a daily basis, and she has found that any improvements she has learned at the barn have leaked into other aspects of her life. It is her belief that if we listen to the horse at every turn, we can continue to learn and grow not only as riders but as human beings.

A fifth generation horseperson, Elizabeth's passion for horses has been instilled in her since birth.  As a child, she enjoyed being an active member of 4-H and USPC.  Taking every opportunity to learn and grow as a horseperson, Elizabeth has taken instruction from many renowned horsemasters including Buck Brannaman, Lendon Gray, Theresa Doherty, Greg Best, George Morris, Walter Zettl and many more.  Elizabeth enjoys applying her strong classical dressage hunter/jumper voquero background into developing happy and harmonious relationships.  She believes that a solid foundation for both horse and rider results in a successful partnership.  She looks forward to sharing her joy for horsemanship with the Bay Harbor Equestrian Center.