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Regional Cooperation Award (2001) –
Bay Harbor and Emmet County Planning Office

       - Northwest Michigan Council of Governments (NWMCOG) and the Planner’s Review and Advisory Committee (PRAC)

“The purpose of the bi-annual NWMCOG Regional Planning Awards is to highlight positive planning efforts in northern Michigan. Every other year, award nominations are accepted from county planning commissions throughout the region.
Bay Harbor: East and West Parks, Resort Township
Nominated by the Emmet County Office of Planning and Zoning, this award recognizes how effectively a project promotes governmental cooperation, provides economy-of-scale or cost savings, preserves resources and benefits the public. In addition, the project must reduce redundancy, and demonstrate cooperation between entities that previously did not work together.
Resort Township, Emmet County, the Little Traverse Conservancy and Bay Harbor combined forces and cooperated in 1996 to acquire and make public 69.9 acres in Resort Township, including 2,793 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline, for perpetual recreational use. The two parks act as bookends to the Bay Harbor development, providing public lands outside this semi-private community.”

Regional Cooperation Award (2001) – Bay Harbor and Emmet County Planning Office