Going to the movies was always the best date night ever, and it’s back in style to head out to movie night again. Modern technology has turned all of our living rooms into a “date night”, when we can watch at home. But let’s face it…we need to get out and there is nothing like sinking into that theatre chair with some buttered popcorn and a glass of wine. Yes, there is WINE! The most charming place to see a movie is at Lyric Theatre in Harbor Springs.

Opened in 2016, the beautiful theatre was renovated to look like a throwback from original movie houses in the 1950’s. The Lyric consists of (3) theatres, the larger theatre hold 200, the smaller theatres hold 40 and 23. The large theatre has a beautiful panoramic ceiling that mirrors the northern Michigan night sky, complete with falling stars.

Along with popcorn, candy and soda they also offer craft beers, wine and hard ciders to guests over 21. So on those vacation days that might be a little cloudy, a little cold or a little rain…head on out to The Lyric Theatre and immerse yourself back into the true meaning of going to the movies again.