Summer Vibes

The 2021 summer season has brought some amazing vibes to the Village.  It did take some time to get two of our anchor restaurants open – but now they are open and getting rave reviews!  Maple + Batter, our breakfast eatery (formally The Original Pancake House) is steady and strong, and serving up some delicious breakfast and brunch items, as well as a menu of spirits.  They have continued to try and add to their staff, but it has been a tough year for that, and for all of our businesses.  Currently, they are open 5 days a week and it is a great way to start your day!  

LOCAL opened their doors officially in mid-July and are recommending dinner reservations, as they have been very busy with everyone wanting to get a taste of what the buzz is all about.  We all love the open-air bar and expanded waterfront patio, and the food is truly amazing!  It is wonderful to have two waterfront restaurants doing their best to keep up, even though the staffing has been the ultimate challenge.  

SIP Wine Boutique and Lounge was to open in July, but because of some extra construction that was needed, they had to wait it out and will be able to open their doors in August.  The build-out and transformation in their space is in a word…FABULOUS.  They will have outdoor and indoor seating for the season and will offer some truly amazing wines from all over the world.

The Village has referred to the 2021 season has a “transition” year, as 2020 was a very strange world…not sure what to expect from day to day.  We are feeling the after-effects this year, as well as having our businesses trying to open while jumping through many licensing hoops and lack of employees.  They are all doing their best to keep up with these challenges, and hope all of the patrons can be understanding and patient.  

Don’t forget to top off your day with a cool ice cream cone from Candy Harbor.  The perfect way to stroll and enjoy a sweet treat this summer!  Or…take a seat in Mammoth for a hand-crafted cocktail and live music throughout the summer.

Through it all, we love the Summer Vibes in Bay Harbor.  A full marina and village, with amazing boutiques and specialties, as well as many visitors in our Village Suites and Vacation Homes have given us memories to cherish for years to come.