Why we LOVE September

September is actually that perfect month that really is just a “bonus” summer month in Bay Harbor.  The mornings and evenings have a bit of a chill…but the daytime temps are moderate and actually pretty perfect.  The rush of July and August start to slow down a bit.  Kids return to in-person or their remote learning and college kids head back to their campuses.  Here in Bay Harbor we have so much to offer in September!  Our annual Labor Day Sidewalk Sales are an “end of summer” tradition and always a big hit. The Bay Harbor Trout & Salmon Extravaganza happen a week later and 25 fishing boats go out to try and catch the big ones for a chance to win $5,000.  And our most high soaring event of the year, Balloons Over Bay Harbor takes place in September as well, and what a fabulous festival it is!  A dozen pilots invade Bay Harbor (in the best possible way) and bring their colorful balloons to our Marina lawns for launches and the stellar night glows in the evening.  It is unlike any other festival we have in northern Michigan.  The best part…you can get up close and personal with the balloons, that are tall as a four-story building, and watch them float up and around the bay.  There is also a color run, dog show and many family fun activities throughout the weekend, as well as a VIP Afterglow Reception during the night glows in The Loft.  Do not miss out on the most HIGH SOARING event of the year!  This is why we LOVE September.